SAMURAI TRAVEL|世界に向けた日本の観光


Samurai Culture Day Trips

Model tour 1

Experience the roots of Samurai culture at Ohara
(the famous samurai Miyamoto Musashi’s birthplace)
Start the morning with the martial art of iaido (sword drawing), then explore the area, visiting a museum and the Musashi birth home. Have a feudal lord's travel lodge meal for lunch at the Gorinbo restaurant. Move to the old street area (10 min. from Musashi’s birthplace) and relax in a café housed in a newly renovated 100-year-old merchant's estate(Nambatei).

Model tour 2

Off The Beaten Path In Search Of Rare Natural And Cultural Experiences At Chizu Town, Tottori
Drive through stunning scenery en route to the first town in Tottori Prefecture known for its wild and untouched natural beauty, you will find yourself in a historical travel lodge area called Chizu-shuku. Admire the well-preserved residence of the Ishitani family which has been registered as a national Tangible Cultural Property and a municipal Cultural Property. After a stroll in the area, drive up the mountain to Mitaki En where you will enjoy a traditional Japanese lunch followed by a walk on the grounds listening to the murmur of the river and the song of birds.

Model tour 3

Visit The “Castle In The Sky,” Takeda Castle
Drive eastward from the ryokan for one and a half hours, you will see the Takeda Castle ruins, also known as the Japanese Machu Pichu. After a 20-minute hike from the car park, you will be treated to sweeping views across the valley below where you can enjoy your picnic lunch prepared by the ryokan.

Model tour 4

Bizen–The Traditional Cultural Center Of Okayama
Drive southward for a little over an hour to Bizen City along the Yoshino River. The first stop is the Shizutani (“Quiet Valley”) School, the oldest public school in the world and a designated national treasure. Lunch by the sea, then off to the Bizen pottery town and marvel at the variety of colours and textures created on these unglazed pottery pieces. More unmissable Japanese craftsmanship can be seen at the Osafune Sword Museum. The quality of swords and blades forged here are renowned throughout the world.

Model tour 5

The Sea Of Japan Area– The Most Beautiful Japanese Garden And A Spiritual Hotspot
Drive north for one and a half hours and you will come to the Adachi Museum of Art whose garden has been awarded three Michelin stars and rated No.1 in Japan for the last 10 years by an American Japanese garden magazine. Have leisurely time including lunch overlooking the stunning natural beauty followed by a visit to Izumo Taisha, one of the oldest and most important Shinto shrines in the country.